Bose MIE2i: high price, high design, high quality…and we love them

Design, that’s all about the MIE2i (printer’s name?); The headphones are really light and with a uncommon design for the tips; They called it new Stay Hear Tips, and is the perfect name for it. Not even the New York New York Roller Coaster could get them out. Super safe and comfortable headphones, after a few hours of use you don’t even think about them or feel them on your ears. Let’s jump to a real test on the headphones, all the test take into account the price, 129 USD, so the score is based on that.

 1. – Is Bose, so Sound Quality  

3.5/5 – What??? 3.5 of 5 in sound quality?…yes, these headphones are good and sound great, BUT, they are not noise isolating so if you use then on loud places like the subway or a crowded street forget about the music cause you will not hear all the details; You will hear your iPhone messages and sounds but not too much of your music. If we are in a quite ambient things change. Really nice sound for a small headphones. Good Lows, Mids and Highs, the lows are comfortable, you will not get intense bass that sometimes can be stressing on Beats headphones.

2 – Comfort

5/5 – This is a strong point in the MIE2i, they are super light, 18.5 grams, and the Stay Hear Tips are just perfect. They come in 3 sizes for different ears and are made of gel, very soft and nice with your ears. The first couple of times you may feel something weird on your ear but that’s because the tip goes all over the inside part of your ear and rest in 3 different points. With the daily use you will never feel the need to remove your headphones for long time, just the normal 2/3 seconds and back in. Make sure the tip is in the right place and is the correct size cause a lot of people complain, but it’s because they don’t even use them in the correct position.

3. – Design

5/5 – The best part of it, stunning, simple design and very unique, this headphones are unforgettable, they may be small but you know which headphones are by just looking at the cable. The connector is the same size that Apple’s headphones so don’t worry they fit with any cases you may use.

4. – Media Controls.

5/5 – The MEI2i is the version with media controls for iPad/iPod/iPhone, is really good looking and the buttons feel really nice. Volume up, Volume down and the center button, one click for play/pause, two clicks to skip to the next song and three clicks to the previous song. In the iPhone the center button can be use to answer or end calls with one click and if you hold the button down it will activate Siri and soon with iOS 6 it will do the same on the new iPad. This controls have integrated microphone, which is very good for phone calls. The position of the media controls is just perfect for the phone calls because the microphone is close to the mouth instead than in your chest like in most headphones.

Nice headphones, great comfort and above the average sound, which is not phenomenal but I can live with that, in my opinion they are the most comfortable headphones in the market. And they have a little plus: they are a Bose product so you have a 1 year warranty all around the world and Bose’s support is one of the best.

More technical specifications and data on Bose Website

MIE2i Website


12 comments on “Bose MIE2i: high price, high design, high quality…and we love them

  1. Only about the noise isolation, I would like to add, I think that this feature is a plus, as it provides security on the street. Soundproof headphones is not comfortable on the street. Soundproof headphones for listening to take home or travel. This is Bose MIE2i headphones for active use: on the street, in sporting activities, etc.
    I apologize for my english. Regards, Alex.

    • Yes you are right, the fact that you can hear car sounds, people walking and more is better for security on the street. But regarding the sound quality it does affect it while you are on a noisy place.
      Other than that great headphones all around and better than the beats equivalent.
      Thank you for your comments.

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