We All Bleed – Crossfade 4.5/5

Crossfade, for those who don’t know the group, is a post-grunge/hard-rock band from Columbia, South Carolina. The band started in 1999 and in 2004 they released their first album “Crossfade” (which is an awesome work by the way), they released another album in 2006, Falling Away, and in 2011 We All Bleed. Ok, this CD is a masterpiece and is different from the work they have done before. It’s a bit of a cruel album, with strong songs about human emotions and very dark guitar riffs, but it’s not emo shit. We All Bleed, the greatest song from this record, has everything: anger, rage and even softness at some points and is all about understanding the other side of the life, not just party and drugs. This is real art, not prefabricated music.


Hard rock at 100% with grunge seasoning it a little bit, the guitar is just magnificent from start to end crushing your ears. This work is worth the mention cause is a whole new era for Crossfade and for the North American rock music. Is not a pure work, we have hard rock with some electronic effects. We can feel Ed’s pain (the singer) in songs like “Lay Me Down” or “Dear Cocaine”; such an amazing voice, strong and penetrating, the desperation and the desire of quitting is perfectly transmitted.

They may not be famous but they are amazing, “Dear Cocaine” is just awesome, they even made a video with photos sent by the fans with a message saying their “cocaine” and what are/were holding them in sadness, is incredible this kind of work from a band that refuses to go mainstream and keep the good music quality. We All Bleed is (in my opinion) the best hard rock CD of 2011. If you wanna know more about the album just leave a comment.

Here are some links to a few songs and the band page.

Killing Me Inside

Make Me A Believer

Dear Cocaine

Crossfade Official Page

Photo by: Wikipedia


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