Infected Mushroom: Army of Mushrooms 4.5/5


The new album of Infected Mushroom, released on May 8, 2012 under Dim Mak Records presents 13 tracks (last 2 only available through iTunes full album download) packed with great beats and awesome melodies that will make you love this album.

The first song, Nevermind (6:05) is like their firsts works; it has fast beats, a somewhat “heavy” rhythm and can give you a reference about what kind of music Infected Mushroom makes.

The third song, Send me an Angel (7:25) has a slower start, more relaxed, but as the song goes on it transforms in trance and psychedelic sound, making it one of my favorites.

The fifth song, The Rat (7:43) is in my opinion the best track on the album. It has many rhythms and sounds throughout the song, all of the with energy and style. This should be a song you listen before buying the album.

The eleventh song, The Pretender (Foo Fighters Cover) (6:34) is, as the name says, a cover of one of the more successful songs made by Foo Fighters is here with an electronic style, empowering the bass lines and distorting voices, making it a good song to sing at full voice.

Finally, about the 12th song, The Messenger 2012 (10:38) is the album’s longest song and a remix of an older Infected Mushroom’s song, The Messenger, originally released on 2000, now with greater sound quality and as great as the rest of the album

If you liked the songs, I recommend you to check these (Album – Track):

Converting Vegetarians – Deeply Disturbed

I’m the supervisor – I’m the supervisor

Legend Of The Black Shawarma – Smashing the opponent

Single – Becoming Insane

Single – Pink Nightmares


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