Touch, from now on you will see the numbers different

Keifer Sutherland comes back with a new TV show, really really different from 24. I loved 24 and I really enjoyed while it last but now Keifer has a little surprise for us. Touch is a brand new TV show, different world from 24, no more bullets, or spies…but we still have big corporations with secrets. The show it’s about an autistic kid named Jake who can see the past, the present and the future through numbers, he doesn’t speak or allow to be touched by anyone. Kiefer character is Martin Bohm, Jake’s father, and his role is to follow sequence of numbers that Jake gives to him and they eventually save someone or sometime good happens in the universe.

It may sound crazy but it’s a fantastic show, perfectly executed, there’s only one thing “bad”, Kiefer performance, sometimes he acts just like in 24, but well he’s still good. The first season it’s over and the second season will be aired in a few months. We can see that it’s going to be something big with Jake, the events surrounding the kid are absolutely amazing and you will be stunned at the end of each episodes. The episodes are 43 minutes length each and the first season has a total of 12 episodes.

I highly recommend it, is nice and the story it’s really good, maybe you will love the maths after watching the show…nahhh I’m kidding. Like always on this blog, the link for the show, free, online, english with spanish subs, subscribe and share with your friends!

Watch Touch


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