To avoid boredom these holidays…

If you are one of those who are dying of boredom right now and don’t know what to do, here we will suggest you 3 different, high-quality and worldwide-famous japanese animation series:

1) Ghost in the Shell SAC 


This cyberpunk series, made by the illustrious japanese animation master, Masamune Shirow, started with one movie back in 1990, and after that he released 2 TV series and another movie. This post is about the first series, Stand Alone Complex, which takes place in a futuristic 2030 Japan, where technology has gone so far that humans have prosthetic parts and electronic brains. This season has 26 chapters, which are packed with a lot of action and energy. The story is about Section 9, a Japanese Defense Department in charge of surveilling terrorism, and about it’s members, each one of them an expert on their field.

As a warning, this series present strong and/or perturbing violence, and some slight sexual allusions.

Watch here

2) Ergo Proxy 


This 23-chapters animation series is a mix of cyberpunk, psychological thriller and mystery genders. A world devastated because of the war; the atmosphere is no longer human-friendly, so people have to live in gigantic dome-cities, where societies are strongly surveilled and controlled. The story starts in Romdeau; the City Mayor’s daughter, who works as a detective, is after the trace of a criminal that has been slaying humans and AutoRaves alike; the chase continues outside the dome, where the true story begins.

To really enjoy this series, you must pay attention, because although it lacks some of the typical violence present in every japanese anime, it has a strong psychological background, which can lead the observer into self-reflexion.

Watch here

3) GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)


Onizuka is an ex-motor rider, who graduated from a third-class university and has failed in his personal relations al his life. After experiencing an incident with a woman, he decides to become a teacher, and despite of lacking the knowledge to be one, his manages to teach, and is assigned to the worst class in the school, the “bad-boys” group. The story shows many adventures he lives with those boys, and how he manages to change their mentality.

It has slight violence contents, but some mild to strong sexual references. There are 43 chapters of pure fun.

Watch here 


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