The Walking Dead, drama and a terrifying zombie story

This program I think it’s pretty famous and a lot of people have seen it but maybe not the entire series, or maybe you never seen it, that’s why in the bottom of this post there will be the links to watch the show and like always, online, free, english sound and spanish subs.

Now let’s talk about TWD (The Walking Dead), this is a comic-based series about zombies and apocalypse…that sounds like the same stuff that all the summers with new crap movies with the same story but different names and locations, so why it’s so important this one?, why deserve to be mentioned? Well thats because this program adds a new whole view to the “zombie world”, here we have real characters, yes, people with troubles, with ghost from the past, people that doesn’t now how to shoot like a SEAL. The drama in this show is what gives the new view, the fresh style to the series, don’t think this is a soap opera, no, this is a scary story but with people.

Let me be more specific, with people?…all the zombie movies have people…yes but they don’t have characters, they don’t have villains to make life harder. We have Rick, the main character, he’s a father looking for his family on episode one, he just woke up from an accident and the world it’s trashed. He’s just a person, with troubles, with pain, with suffering and thats what made this TV Show so special, that you can feel the character and suffer or be happy with him. The emotions are the center of TWD, the zombies are just a catalyst to make the humans show those emotions in the show. The first episode it’s almost a movie, it’s 60 minutes length and gives a nice perception of the world and about how the show will develop, I recommend with 5 stars and a balloon this show, cause you will be alienated with TWD.

And like always…here’s the link I promised

Watch TWD


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