A sneak peek to Progressive Rock

Porcupine Tree  it’s a progressive rock band that has quite a few years in the business and they are good, they have real musicians on their lines. The drummer, Gavin Harrison, it’s a beast and can be hear unleashed during songs like Anesthetize or Way Out of Here both songs from the record Fear of a Blank Planet which it’s a tremendous album.

Let’s talk about that album, I think that maybe its one of the best prog-rock CD I ever heard, and why? simple, its solid, great production and awesome lyrics, I’m not kidding, obviously Porcupine Tree its a son of Pink Floyd but they have their own creation apart from their father. It has only six songs but when you heard the album they are all great, they are all fantastic and represent a world, a complete story that can abduct you from your daily life.

Anesthetize it’s the big song in this record, its a 17 minutes and 42 seconds song but what a song, they hit every single parameter to make a great song in Anesthetize, soft beginning with a calm lyric, percussion absolutely magnificent and I’m running out in adjectives to describe this. Such a beautiful CD, so awesome that you will never listen to it in MTV….NEVER EVER…real musicians don’t appear on that channel, if you don’t believe me buy this CD, yes buy it, don’t download it, you will feel bad if you don’t contribute to this CD. My ashes it’s a really calmed and mind drifting song, in this CD you can’t talk about songs, you talk about textures, cause every song has a world inside the music, Steven Wilson made a terrific work in this CD, but back to the song. It’s a beautiful story, you can hear it in the night, with lights off and you will fly in this music.

All the songs are masterpieces but I have my favorite one, it’s Way Out Of Here , a true trip into a music world, not a very deep story but just and awesome music world surrounding this recording, mind blowing song when you hear it in calm, it’s just as good as set your imagination flying before going to sleep. The CD has everything, it’s a really important step in the Porcupine Tree legacy, or it was at the moment of the release, I widely recommend this CD and if you don’t wanna buy until you listen to it, go and do a quick search on Youtube, but be calm and wait for the best in each song, they are not a continuous blast, they are more like a waterfall, just stand there and get soaked.

by Luis A. Samper


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