5 Classic Videogames that changed our life (NES only)

Video games are part of our culture, especially for those born after 1985.
I’m going to list 5 NES video games that changed the way I used to play when I was a kid. I hope some of them are in your list too.
The link for the emulator will be at the end of this post, and the ones for the games right after the pictures.

5. –Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)

This is a great game even today. Yeah, the graphics are…classic and the sound it’s not Dolby Surround, but to be created in 1989, it is FANTASTIC. A great story with lots of kicks and punches are enough to keep a 10 year old boy in front of the TV all day long or with a friend in the 2 player coop mode.



4. –Tetris (1986) 

After the vodka and the AK-47, this is the best product from Russia…and it came with a lot of love.
The game it’s pretty straight and simple, you have to move the blocks so they fit and complete lines. The more lines completed at once, the more points gained. It’s so simple that your grandma will love it (I know that cause my grandma loves this game). Today you can even download this game for your iPhone/iPad/iPod, but if you want the classic, here it is.


3. –Mike Tyson Punch Out! (1987)

The grandpa of all the modern boxing videogames, super arcade style, big guys to knock-out a crowd screaming, a little guy controlled by you with a lot of power and boy, be sure you dodge the big guy or you will be knocked out! That’s the winning formula for this game, the hit the buttons and do it fast was a blast in those years (even today) I spent many hours with this game punching the big guy nuts.


2. –Contra (1988)

Aliens, Mad Dog & Scorpion are coming! The Rambo Game will be a good title for this game cause the characters looks like Rambo, but with a different color bandana. What a great game, power ups, infinite ammo and enemies (I believe so because there’s a lot) and two small Rambo’s to control. The game it’s action packed from the beginning to the end, great levels and some of them are a real challenge, and the bosses are just phenomenal, big, scary and real badass. Here in this continent we got the best version of the game cause in Europe and in Japan the game was a little big different. No Rambo’s to play with it, and not that crazy name, they called it Probotector (more a pill name that a game name). Instead of Mad Dog & Scorpion the characters were robots and the enemies too…not that fun, sorry for them! Ok that’s enough I love too much the game!


1. –Super Mario Bros. (1987)

There’s nothing to mention here cause everything it’s perfect, this is the best game ever and we all love it, cause we all played it. This is the game that changed our perception of Italian and gave us the “rescue the hot chick to win” format, enjoy!



The emulator it’s a small program so you can play the game, any doubts, just ask! 🙂

Download for Windows

Download for Mac OSX

All the download links and the emulator for Windows are provided by www.freeroms.com

The Mac OSX emulator it’s provided by www.emulator-zone.com

I hope you like and it and play some of them!!

By LA. Samper


One comment on “5 Classic Videogames that changed our life (NES only)

  1. I think you should add Pac-Man to this list although it is one of the simplest games ever

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